Saddle Repair

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Basic Leather Repair Pricing Information

We have a $10.00 minimum on all repair work

We charge $40.00 an hour for labor on all repair work

For saddles that require multiple repairs an estimate can be calculated by adding up the price of labor and materials for each repair item, add all of the items together, Add in estimated shipping charges if applicable.  This should give you an estimated total that is a little high because the more repairs you do to a saddle the less the amount of time it takes to do each individual repair.  This is because of the time it takes to breakdown the saddle and put it back together.  In order to compensate for this you can deduct 5% to 10% from the total repair estimate and that should give you a pretty close number.  If this seams like to much trouble call me and I will be glad to do it for you. 

It is also a lot easier to estimate the cost of a repair if I can see it.  Feel free to email me pics of your saddle and the areas that need work.  Send as many as needed to


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